As a person of influence, you know what it means to work hard and to lead others—and the deep satisfaction that comes when a vision is shepherded to success. Yet sometimes that mountaintop can be lonely—a dry, sometimes barren space for you, your family and even your faith.

Here at En Gedi, we understand those challenges. Welling up from our love for our Savior and for you, it’s our joy to come alongside you and your family. We are called to serve you, encourage you, and affirm who you are in Christ as you live for His glory. We are dedicated to nurturing the care and connections that will refresh you with His Living Water.

God has given us a vision to create a community of refreshed, renewed influencers and ministry leaders from all walks of life, partnered together to bear fruit for the cause of Christ. He has and will continue to use people like you to accomplish His work.

He has called us to lead these two groups of people together to a well of relationships and resources that will nourish body, mind and soul with an authentic encounter with the Living God. We do this through unique Experiences and a network of Services designed to meet your needs.

Our Mission:

To bring Christ’s refreshment to ministry and affluent leaders through creative experiences, helpful connections, excellent services and truthful friendship.

Our Vision:

A community of influential families vibrantly alive and fully resourced for optimum kingdom fruitfulness.